Favorite product: Huda Beauty Eyeshadow palette Rose Gold Edition

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Eyeshadow palettes are a great beauty investment. How many times have you seen a new eyeshadow palette in the market and thought wow which of the tones in the palette will suit me? If i buy this, will I use all the colours ? Let’s be honest, finding the right eye shadow palette is genuine work. This is not only because of the sheer number of palettes out there but also every brand out there has at least three or four options to choose from. While our relationship with eyeshadow might be a difficult one, there’s no denying how fierce a simple wash of colour over the lids – whether you’re off to work or going out – can make you feel. You can play with great colour combinations, introduce different finishes to your eyes and layer different tones. Picking one palette where you will love all the colors equally and use majority of them is where the challenge truly lies. Luckily for us, it was love at first sight with the Huda Beauty Rose gold palette.

Best of makeupThe palette is every makeup lover’s dream come true! To start with, the palette comprises of 3 different textures inclusive of 10 mattes, 2 chrome pressed pearl shadows and 6 breathtaking 3-D textured eye shadows.

10 x Saturated Matte eye shadows: Starting with the matte shadows, which comprise of the following shades:

Bossy (which is a statement-making maroon clay, Flamingo (a stunning notice-me pink), Shy (a subtle dusty pink), BAE (a cream-colored base shadow), Black Truffle (a decadent black), Suede (a transition gray), Coco (a dark brown), Maneater (a merciless mulberry), Henna (warm reddish-brown) and Sandalwood (an earthy deep tan).

Swatches of Huda Beauty Palette Rose gold palette

These colors are just what you’re looking for when it comes to matte eye shadows. They’re basic yet versatile enough to create several elaborate eye looks. With colours like Shy, Henna, Sandalwood and Suede I never really find myself peeking into any other palette for transition shades. On the other hand, Bossy, Black truffle, Coco and Maneater provide just the right depth to any eye shadow look you wish to go for.

These colors really are the kind that every one would opt for be it a special occasion or even for something casual or simply for a day at work.

2 x Chromatic pressed pearls eye shadows Next up are the pressed pearls eye shadows. These shadows are not as intense as the textured shadows and comes in two colors, Angelic (a sweet pink/peach with gold reflects) and Moon Dust (a cosmic gold illuminator). These shadows are your secret to nailing those dewy wet eye looks. Angelic has more of a pinky-peachy undertone so it’s restricted to pinky looks but Moondust on the other hand can be thrown on any eye shadow look and to give your lid that natural dewiness. I also love using moondust as highlight, if there was a full size disc-pan of just moon dust I would get my hands on it in a jiffy!

Best eyeshadows of all time

6 x 3D Metal eyeshadows If it was not for these textured eye shadows I really wouldn’t have been as crazy about this palette. The top row of this palette absolutely has my heart!! The colors comprise of Dubai (a smokey bronze), Fling (a sparkly cranberry), 24K (an over-the-top gold), Rose Gold (a blinding rose gold), Trust Fund (a ritzy copper) & Blessed (a vintage gold). These colours are just what you need to amp up your look to give you eyes an incomparable pop. They can be a little tricky to work since they’re pure pigments and should be applied with your fingers and not brushes. If used right, the will fulfill every bit of your glitter fantasies.

Rose gold palette

The only downside for us is the packaging. For 65$ personally I expect something to look and feel really luxe, but sadly the cardboard packaging just doesn’t deliver that. Also, the fact that this palette does not come with a mirror can be an issue for some. But at the end of the day it’s the product that matters and the versatility that this palette offers allowing you to create endless eye make-up variations is incomparable to any other palette on the shelves. And what truly sets it apart are the textured shadows. They’ve got to be the most pigmented, buttery formula put together in the most beautiful format of colors. They’re one of a kind and not anything like we’ve come across before. We love how simple it is to create looks using the textured eyeshadows. With one swipe you have a full on lit eye look! 

Even though you might be compelled to, you don’t have to rock glam daily, but it’s always good to have an option for when you’re feeling a little extra 😉

Sadly the palette is a Limited edition palette and Huda beauty herself has confirmed they would take it off the shelves once the Desert Dusk palette hits the market this September. So we highly suggest get your hands on them while the stocks last! We know we are definitely stocking up on what we think is the Ultimate palette!

The Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition retails for 65$ and is available to shop at all Sephora outlets or shop online www.shophudabeauty.com