Summer Travel Companion: Sunday Somewhere

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Hi guys, hope you all are having a kick-ass summer, As for us, we’ve been living out of a suitcase and have no complaints. Summer time has got to be our favorite time of the year as we get away from our busy schedules and fast-paced life and take out time for ourselves, which is so important! Traveling is truly therapeutic; sometimes unplugging yourself from the pulls and pushes of technology and engaging in new activities in new places is all you need to gain a rejuvenating start and fresh perspective to life.

Sharing with you a campaign we’ve been shooting alongside our travel, adventures with Sunday Somewhere. It truly is one of the brands we relate with closely.

About the Brand

Sunday Somewhere, An Australian brand that has been gaining popularity amongst celebrities and popular influencers for not only its fresh, wearable, timeless collection of sunglasses frames but with what the brand stands for. These represent free-spirited individuals whose hunger to explore cannot be quenched, no matter how many vacations or journeys you take.

Australian brand Sunday Somewhere

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Sunday Somewhere

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Street fashion

Sunday, Somewhere is an invitation.
To go completely off the map.
Off the radar,
Off the charts,
To explore an uncharted corner of the world.
To reflect,
To see things fresh,
To discover and daydream,
And find yourself saying that most contented phrase
I’m not in any particular rush.’
Because Sunday doesn’t care what time it is.

So long as it’s still Sunday.
My Sunday, Somewhere.