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Earlier this week we stopped by Pier 7 in Dubai marina. Pier 7 provides Dubai with one of the best dinning experiences. A signature building with seven different and unique restaurants on each floor indeed is a treat for food enthusiasts like us! We love how each floor transports you into a culinary adventure with different cuisines and gastronomic culture. The building circular views provide stunning views of the Dubai Marina.



Fume dubai


Fume marina


We decided to stop by Fume for a quick lunch this Thursday afternoon. Fumé Restaurant is located on the first floor of Pier 7, Dubai Marina. Vintage is the new Cool! Hence, the restaurant interiors feature quirky period industrial elements that evoke a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Reminiscent of a bygone era yet enticingly familiar, Fumé will charm its patrons with a spirited experience in cosy, comfortable surroundings.


Fume dubai



Fume dubai


We absolutely loved how every nook and corner of this place gave you a rustic cozy vibe and made you feel just at home. From the warm woody interiors to the open pipeline ceiling the ambience of Fume does not fail to intrigue you.


We started off by choosing our table, luckily we managed to get hold of the window seats just at the curve of the beautiful Pier 7. Our server informed us about their business lunch menu offer and we decided to dive straight in, as we were famished!


For our light bites/starters we went for the soup of the day, which was cream of tomato, the tempura prawns and the quinoa salad.


The tomato soup proved to be a great choice since I was suffering from a sore throat, and what better way to soothe your throat than a fresh tomato soup. The soup was a classic blend of cream, tomatoes and basil and the consistency was just right. I absolutely loved the tangy flavor of this soup.


Tomato soup


As seafood lovers we were extremely excited about the wasabi prawns served with a pineapple mango sauce. But this dish was a little disappointing because the prawns were just not cooked right and lacked the right flavors.


wasabi prawns


Our next pick was the quinoa salad, which was a beautiful blend of avocado, fresh vegetables, roasted tomatoes and pomegranate seeds. We loved how light and refreshing and wholesome this salad was and we couldn’t get enough of it!


Fume dubai


Moving on to our mains, we decided to go for the smoked butter chicken accompanied with rice and decided to go for the Lager battered fish.


Butter chicken is one of our favorites and when it hits the right notes it’s absolutely lip smacking! The dish was layered with complex flavors and we loved how the deliciously the chicken was smoke-infused drenched in a buttery, dreamy and flavorsome gravy. The dish was served with hot, steamed rice, we thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this concoction!


Butter chicken


The Lager battered fish was essentially fried fish served with mint dip with a side of Colcannon mash, which is a traditional Irish version of mash potatoes. We found the fish to be a little too oily for our preference and unfortunately the Fish was not all that great.


Fish and chips


Lets move on the exciting part of the meal, shall we? The Dessert!! We couldn’t have missed on one of Fume’s famous naked jars, Lew’s dark chocolate and orange mousse. What enthralled us the most about this selection was the 100% refund option, which indicated the chef’s conviction in his creation. The dessert arrived in a cute air tight jar, the mousse claims to be the lightest, richest and creamiest chocolate mousse you have ever tried and its definitely lives by its claims. The mousse is also accompanied with a mini jar with caramelized orange zest, which could be added, into your mousse if you are a fan of that extra orangey twist in your mousse. We absolutely loved this one, it added a nice zingy flavor to your typical mousse, definitely a must try you guys.


Chocolate jar dessert


Lastly we decided to try out one of their newest additions to their milkshake menu, the salted caramel popcorn milkshake, a fun twist on our classic movie theatre treat was surely worth a try. This was an absolute showstopper! 10 points for the outstanding presentation. The milkshake tasted just as good as it looked, purely unashamed indulgence in every sip!! This has definitely made its way to be one of our favorite milkshakes in town.


Best milkshakes in dubai


To sum it up Fume Dubai provides you with quality comfort food in the coziest setting overlooking stunning views of the Marina. We love how it could make you feel at home with so much ease and we definitely see it become a favorite in Dubai’s dinning experience.


Apart from the dinning area, Fume also has a fully functional bar area to catch up with your friends over a drink on two.


For bookings please contact them on 04 4215669 or visit their website for more information www.fume-eatery.com



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