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Recently we visited Indie for their new party brunch called ‘Brunch*d’. Located in the heart of DIFC, the restaurant and lounge seems to have a very New York feel and hipster vibe with a selection of its unique mixed drinks and offbeat music, which combines old-school funk, soul and pop. The interiors at Indie are rather interesting with every corner set up to tell a story of its own


Rustic interiors

DIFC Indie

You know there are many places that are a delight in terms of ambiance but fail to please in terms of their food. But at indie, this was certainly not the case. We had one of the best brunch experiences here and when combined with smooth Indie music, it just adds the right kind of vibes to your Saturday afternoon.

Best of interiors

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We also liked the fact that, the brunch starts at 1pm and goes on till as late as 7 pm unlike other brunches that end by 4 pm. We could really take time with the food and relish it. The brunch menu comprised of various options from where you can order as much as you like from the starters, followed by one main and one dessert per person.

Their starters menu was really calling out to us, we wanted to try out everything! The menu comprised of an interesting mix of international bar bites.

What we ordered for starters:

Presentation food

We started with one of their signature cocktails named Canon, which was interestingly served in a tin like can. This was a delicious fruity cocktail that had a very unique flavor base of Japanese yuzu.

Best cocktails

We also tried their Mojito and had no complaints; the drink was served beautifully and blended well.

Healthy food

This Italian Bruschetta bites were simple, fresh and delicious. Quite different from the kind we’ve had before. This was delicious mix of fresh burrata, flavorsome sundried tomatoes and crunchy, roasted pine nuts.

Best of food dubai

This was probably one of our favorites from the menu. This decadent truffle mac ’n’ cheese was every cheese lover’s fantasy. Also, we love anything truffle and the white truffle oil’s intense earthy flavor instantly enhanced the taste of an otherwise ordinary mac n’ cheese. Definitely coming back for this!

Best of food

Another favorite of ours was this huge bowl of Peruvian corn salad with lime dressing. Roasted nutty kernels are mixed with sweet corn and a sharp, refreshing dressing. If I was asked to live on salad for the rest of my life, I would go with this one. It was delightful!

DIFC dubai restaurant

We aren’t such ardent lovers of tuna so when our server suggested we go for the spicy tuna we were a little hesitant but he insisted and told us about how this was one of their most popular items on the menu, we decided to give it a shot and boy was he right! A clever take on Japanese cuisine, the crispy tuna were essentially mini bites of raw tuna coated with a special sauce (tasted a lot like dynamite sauce) on crispy cubes of rice. We loved how this dish was uniquely paired and put together and the flavors were bang on!

We also enjoyed this decadent serving of Smoked Salmon with capers and cream cheese. Although, we did find the salmon tasted a little bland unless combined with the cream cheese and capers.

What we ordered for main course:


Traditional food

We ordered the traditional fish and chips which was quite generous in quantity and done really well.

Dubai foodie

The chicken schnitzel, a traditional German delicacy was tender and tasted delicious with grilled corn and greens on the side.

What we ordered for desserts:

Delicious pancakes

Coming to the best part of every meal! The Desserts!! We went for the classic pancakes and chocolate waffle bites, which satisfied every chocolate craving possible. These tasted just as good as they look.

Overall, we had a great time at Indie and thoroughly enjoyed their blend of eclectic collection of music, cocktails and cuisine. We love how the space combines a unique blend of a restaurant, lounge and three exclusive bars within a relaxed, rushtic-chic interior. This brunch is perfect for anyone who would like to enjoy an assortment of eclectic global cuisine, cocktails and wine amidst a mix of funk, house and classic indie tunes.


Indie is located in DIFC. Call 055 455 6106 for bookings, and look up their website for more details: Priced at Dhs.290 including soft drinks and juices, Dhs.390 for house wine and spirits, or Dhs.490 if you’d like Champagne.




























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