Lush Cosmetics Review

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Hi guys, today we wanted to share with you a review of this beautiful brand LUSH. I’m sure many of you have heard about it or used it at some point in your beauty routine and if you haven’t you certainly MUST go get your hand on these luscious babies! They do not disappoint.


LUSH for us is our happy place, from the moment you enter the store you are transformed into a paradise of natural, colorful and effective world of beauty products. Best part? Their products are made using fresh organic fruit and vegetables and the finest essential oils. Another great thing about Lush is they do not test their products on animals, not only do they believe in this themselves they make sure they don’t buy their products from companies who invest in animal testing. AWESOME!


These products are made by hand, they even have the name of the person printed who made your product! It couldn’t get better than this. Below we will be sharing with you guys our must haves and why we love these products so much.





Don’t look at me is one of the best-selling lush products from their fresh facemask range. The vivid blue mask consists of ground rice which gently scrubs away dry skin, murumuru butter which leaves your skin feel super soft, zingy lemon for that fresh glow and if that wasn’t enough it also consists of the silken tofu which softens your skin beautifully. Magic ingredient alert! Basically it does the scrubbing whilst leaving your skin smooth and beautiful. We love this product, it’s always stocked up in our fridge and we do not forget to apply this prior to special events or occasions. Just a bit of this and you are good to go!





This product feels exactly like what the name suggests. ANGELS ON BARE SKIN. This is an all-purpose face as well as body cleanser. This kaolin clay base mask deep cleanses while finely ground almonds and the mixture of beautiful lavender flowers gently exfoliate away any dry skin! The addition of lavender oil soothes the skin, while the rose removes any redness. We love the healthy glow this product brings out just in one application. Did we mention? This product smells divine! It’s like a bed of flowers on your skin, WE LOVE!






Okay the name says it all, this product bang on makes you feeling happy all day! Firstly, let me start by telling you about all the ingredients this conditioner consists off so you can imagine how it helps your hair majorly. Rose water, orange blosson water and almond milk base basically soften your hair and condition them. It works just perfect on our bleached/ highlighted / colored hair and on non- bleached too. Another good thing about this conditioner is also acts like a hair perfume, due to the addition of orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oil. We be smelling our hair all day with this beauty!




This fresh facemask is our second best favorite from Lush. Packed with blueberries, calamine, rose and almond oil to soothe the skin. Smoothing a generous amount of this mask just eliminates any tiredness in our skin, its our must use after a long day at work. For the fresh facemasks, its mandatory to store them in your fridge as they are made with all natural ingredients.




Who does not want to start their day with a kick of fresh fruits and flowers in their shower gel, it gives a great start to your day and uplifts your mood instantly. This peachy shower gel is encompassed of fresh peach juice and dried apricots. I love to start my day with this gel; it lathers well and leaves your skin feel so fresh! Did I mention the shower gel sparkles? And no it does not leave any of those sparkles on your skin. Its just too cute to be true.




There is nothing more relaxing than soaking yourself into beautiful bubble baths after a long tiring week. This bath bomb is so refreshing, smells amazing and leaves your skin super soft. I love the colors it spills into the bath the moment you splash it in, its like a colorful summery ocean all in your bath tub, we highly recommend this to anyone who loves lightly fragrant baths and velvety smooth skin after.



Its no secret we adore Lush products and picking out a few of the best is the most difficult decision ever; since we use most of them so much. We highly recommend trying out these products since they are so natural, they aid in the benefit of the skin even more! P.s. Cannot wait to share more reviews on their products once we use them and test them for you guys. Until next time,


Happy Lushing x


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