GlamGlow DreamDuo Treatment Review

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Having being obsessed with Glamglow’s mud masks which have been our go-to for every time our skin needs some pampering, we just had to try out their latest release: the Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment.

We absolutely love the idea of overnight treatments since while you’re asleep, your skin works on an overdrive to repair and renew itself and this in fact means that nighttime is actually the perfect opportunity to give your skin a helping hand with an overnight facial mask such as this one.

Starting with the packaging, is it just me or every time you open a Glamglow product it feels you’re ripping into a present?   As always the whole holographic packaging is just so beautiful and you’ve gotta love a product that greets you like that 😉

Glamglow dream duo
With a product such as this one, little goes a long way and this will definitely last you a good amount go time. The large-sized tub has two sections inside for a two-step treatment The first, called the Dream serum, is a pearlescent serum infused with anti-ageing oxidants and essential vitamins, and the other half, the Dreamseal, has more of a creamy consistency, which promises to plump and hydrate the skin.

Packaging Glamglow

The Dreamserum has quite a thin consistency – and even though it might seem a little sticky at first, it sinks right into the skin within 30 seconds as promised, after which you go for the DreamSeal. Which quite literally seals the deal! This completely mattifies the mask, and makes it feel like just a night cream and gets rid of the stickiness from the gel.

We were super excited to try this product out and we were not disappointed one bit the next morning! We loved how this mask makes us look so radiant, shiny and clean.  It also does a little something for your pores making it look less visible and the skin appears to be more tightened and lifted. Even though this product claims to give you ‘makeup ready’ skin, we much rather not apply any makeup at all when our skin feels and looks this good! We would certainly recommend using this product once in a while before special occasions mostly like a facial treatment or for when your skin needs some extra loving.


*The Glamglow Dreamduo Overnight Transforming Treatment costs Dh320, and is available at Sephora.