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With sunglass weather all around year in Dubai, It’s almost a necessity rather than a luxury to own a pair that protects your delicate eyes from the harsh sun in the Middle East. And hey, if you’ve gotta wear them why not wear it in Style 😉Sunglasses are one of those items that you simply can’t get enough off! We personally think a great pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate a look — even if you’re going for something as simple as a jeans and a t-shirt.

The trick, of course, is knowing the right pair for you. Cracking this isn’t really rocket science. Just like anything else, it does take a bit of research and a little bit of trial and error. It’s said that the general rule of thumb to find your perfect match that complements your face shape is: the shape of your sunglasses should be opposite of your face shape.  For example if you have with a round face, you should be going for sunglasses that are more rectangular, this will give the illusion that your face is more angular and elongated than it is.

Having said that, never stop experimenting with sunnies, try out every shape and size available in the market. Since, everyone’s face and styles are a little different and what may suit some wouldn’t look as good on someone else.

Our favorite sunglass brand of the moment has got to be Sunday Somewhere. Whether you have a vintage soul, or love a classic everyday look, Sunday Somewhere have created the perfect pair of sunnies to suit everyone.

Every once in a while you come across a pair that’s a classic and that one pair for me has got to be ‘Lorenzo’ by the brand. This pair is SO DOPE! I could blindly take out anything from my wardrobe and pair it up with this and oh my god, it literally takes my outfit from 0 to a 100!! We absolutely LOVE how versatile these sunnies can get. Wearing it with something formal completes my look by giving me more of a sophisticated finish. Whereas pairing it  with something casual like this denim dress, gives it more of an urban street vibe.

Best sunglasses lorenzo

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