3 steps to flawless under-eye with Becca Cosmetics

Becca 3 steps to flawless under eye

 Becca has got to be one of our favorite beauty brands and why wouldn’t it be? Their best-selling highlighters are truly a beauty staple in our vanity and stand undefeated!

We were thrilled when BECCA launched their 3 step under-eye range. There are three new products, each with a different function and step. They’re basically looking to create an all-inclusive new under-eye routine that would create an amazing new way to illuminate and cover dark circles.

Step 1: De-puff with Anti Fatigue Under Eye primer

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What they say: The product is infused with matcha green tea and caffeine, and according to Becca, will “keep skin looking healthy and to protect the delicate under-eye area from age-inducing free radicals.” It also supposedly smoothens fine lines to help you look more awake.

Our first impressions: When I saw this product first, I assumed it’s a color corrector but to my surprise the product it more like a balm that goes on clear as opposed to the minty color you see.

I love the idea of a product that can be used to prep your under-eye right before you begin with the concealing action. Within seconds of applying the product you feel a cooling sensation which first makes you feel more awakened and then within a minute or two you actually notice how your eyes are less puffy and ready for the next product.

 If you’re anything like us, you will be addicted to this product! Not only before you apply your concealer but you can even use this product on a no makeup day when you want to energize your under-eye and make it look less worn out.

Step 2: Brighten with Under Eye Brightening Corrector

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What they say: The next step? Under Eye Brightening Corrector, which will be available in two shades: light-medium and medium-dark. It’s infused with crushed pearls with peachy undertones, which the brand says are there to “neutralize darkness and lift with light under and around the eyes.”

Our first impressions:When I first swatched this product, I found that it was a bit too thick for my liking. But when I tried it on my under-eye, I noticed that as it warms up on the skin it becomes easier to spread. Although, you have to really take the time to blend it on to your skin and stick to applying a thin layer of it on your skin as too much of this product can make your concealer crease (not cute!)

Becca flawless undereye

After using this product a couple of times and getting the hang of the right technique, I haven’t been able to keep my hands of it!  It does a great job of reflecting light, which helps to make my under eye area look brighter.

The only downside of this product would be inclusivity for women of color. Since the range includes only 2 correctors, I think really pale or dark skinned women would find trouble finding the right shade for their skin tone.

Step 3: Set with Under Eye Brightening Powder


What they say: And finally, Becca wants you to set it all with the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder. The brand says, “Apply in the morning to set makeup and brighten under your eyes, and throughout the day on any oil-prone areas to weightlessly mattify shine.” According to Becca, the setting powder is infused with antioxidant-rich raspberry stem cells and Australian berries.

Our first impressions:Before going in with this product, you do have to go in with your preferred concealer after applying the corrector as a part of the previous step.

Firstly, kudos to the packaging on this one! It’s sleek, beautiful and extremely practical. I do tend to get messy with powders but the rotating plastic cover on this one ensures mess-free application.

After the above steps, I just dab a little bit of the powder onto the tip of my slightly damp Beauty Blender, tap the sponge in the cap to knock off some of the excess powder, and then gently press the powder into my skin. I love how it beautifully this melted into my skin, sealing all of the products making my under-eye look brighter and all the more flawless.

This has got to be the most lightweight powder I’ve ever used and it manages to keep my under eye intact all day! Although, I wouldn’t recommend baking with this product since it did leave a bit of a white cast when I tried doing the same.

Final Verdict

 Becca has released a winner with this one. The 3 steps process by Becca provides a flawless, bright and full-proof method for concealing your under eyes. Not only does it awaken and brighten your under eye but whilst doing so takes care of the delicate region under the eye providing it with highly beneficial ingredients.

The Becca 3-step range is now available to shop at all Sephora Middle east outlets or on their website on www.sephora.ae