A Rosegold Affair

Rose gold details

Rose gold happens to be my favorite color and creating this entire look using the same color palette gave me so much satisfaction. Rose gold, a pink-toned gold that has quickly been dethroning other metallic hues is an established trend by itself.  Even though we are creating this look using the same colors, the textures just make the look more very distinctive.

For starters I decided to pair this beautiful satin/silk shirt corset rose gold top. I love how laid back this top is on the upper half and gets really fit towards the waist giving you a great fit. They are usually suitable for most body types.

What really brings this look together is these glitter rose gold ballets. You guys these ballets have to be one of the most dressiest and dreamy ballets I own. I picture them as if Cinderella’s shoes ever happen to be flats – they’d be this pair.

Waiting on my prince charming like .. 


Rose gold fashion

Corset details

Luxe fashion

Rosegold fashion

Rose gold details



Corset top: Forever 21
Mom jeans: Stradivarius
Glitter ballet: New look 

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