Winter classics: Faux fur coat

Fur pink coat

When talking about fashion statements we would all agree that there are certain wardrobe staples that last year after year and one of such classics has definitely got to be a “Faux Fur Coat’. I believe every girl needs to have at least one of these because this stuff speaks luxury and abides by the ‘Haute Couture’ quotient. Moreover, these are so much fun play styling with and never fail to make an impact wherever, whenever.

I might already have one too many of these but when I came across this fluffy mauve beauty on SHEIN, I simply couldn’t resist getting my hands on it! 

Let’s first talk about how SHEIN has become one of our favorite websites to shop from. I cannot say enough good things about this online store. They always have the latest trends at extremely affordable prices. I love it when online brands exceed my expectation in terms of the quality of products offered by them. I mean how many times it has happened when you ordered something online and it’s the complete opposite of the picture you saw or is deteriorated in terms of quality?

On the contrary, with this coat here, the pictures just don’t justify how beautiful the color and quality of the product is in person. The texture of the fur is super fluttery and that exactly how we like our fur to be. Quick tip here,  while going for fur items  always go for fur that is fluttery and somewhat messy as opposed to controlled flat fur, you’ll be surprised at how much dimension this adds to your outfit 😉

Fur pink coat

Beautiful fur

faux fur SHEIN

Fur coat PINK

Highlight on fleek

You can shop this fur coat on SHEIN


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