Summer prints and pompom power

bohemian look

There’s no print that says summer quite like floral and there’s something about blue and white prints that gets us every single time! I’m sure it’s not just us; this has got to be one of those timeless color combinations that always looks fresh and screams summer.

As compared to the typical navy and white stripes, the lively pops of blues are appearing with whites in patterns like floral, mosaic tiles and porcelain print this season. If worn correctly, you can get away with this feminine trend looking dainty or you can go for a bohemian-inspired look just like I did.

This piece we picked online on ROMWE, is literally as perfect as a summer outfit can get. The dress is certainly more on the casual side but you can always amp it up accessories and add-ons. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the leafy blue prints and there’s always room for anything with tassels in my shopping cart and eventually in my closet 😛

I would have loved to pair this outfit up with rustic silver jewelry giving it that perfect monotone boho-beach look but instead I decided to add these pom pom mirrored earrings we picked up from my trip to Jaipur and would you look at how it instantly bought the entire look together.

Even though I wouldn’t necessarily categorize myself as an earrings person, how can one not fall in love with these playful pair of gorgeousness!! These pom pom babies never fail to make a statement for the summers. These are an absolute must-have!  

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