Street style favorite: Bomber jackets

Bomber trend

I think we can all agree on how athletic-wear is having a moment on the runways right now and how utterly stylish these look. Why we love these trends? What’s not to love? HELLO COMFORT! I mean who doesn’t like wearing tracks outside? and replacing those high heels for sneakers is a bargain hard to say no to. To our absolute delight, this season, street wear and high fashion have well and truly collided. And there isn’t a better or shall I say, a safer way to ease this trend into your wardrobe than a bomber jacket.

I’ve been so obsessed with Bombers! they’re one of those classics you can never go wrong with. Every brand is doing Bomber jackets this season and quite honestly, I want to own one in every color!I love how they add that oomph factor to your outfit and instantly lift your look with a dash of attitude. They could be dressed down for an off-duty casual look or dressed up for a night out. 

These jackets have been coming out in different variations and colors but one of my favorites has got to be the ever green (pun intended!) olive bomber. It’s not even funny how I’m so easily gravitated towards anything olive these days. I think this is one color other than black that could be a summer, spring, autumn or winter color depending on how you play with it. It’s the ultimate neutral and it’s safe to say that Olive is truly the new black. 

My search for the perfect bomber came to end with this bomber I spotted at Jennyfer..The bomber had just the the right silhouette and fit. Moving on to the look, I decided to keep it more towards the neutral palette and mostly let the bomber stand out. So I paired my favorite bomber with a destroyed black denim which complimented the bomber very well. I wanted to maintain the street vibe of the look so I further added a backpack and superstars.

I’m aware that traditionally bomber jackets were categorized as more of casual wear but with an item of clothing as versatile as this, there really are no fashion rules. For this trend (or any trend for that matter) confidence and attitude are really all you need to rock it. So be brave and go all out! 

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Olive bomber




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Bomber trend

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