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This skincare brand always gets us every time we pass by them at the mall. You’ve gotta admit there’s something about the fragrances that drive you to raid this store!


Here’s a review of our most re-stocked items we absolutely cannot live without


PS I love you hand cream


Did you know? One of the first places to show any signs of ageing is your hand. It is very common to skip this vital step off your daily beauty routine. Hand creams are a great way to keep your hands soft and moisturized throughout the day.


Hence making it an essential part of our daily routine. This hand cream by BB&W ensures our hands stay moisturized and smell delicious at the same time. We highly recommend this as they make a noticeable difference.
Twisted peppermint lotion


MMMM! This stuff smells of a decisive mix of refreshing peppermint and sugared snow vanilla. This is a one of a kind scented lotion, leaving you summer fresh in a jiffy. The triple moisture formula provides a 24-hour moisture to the skin, leaving it deeply nourished and minty fresh. The mint is definitely not overpowering as it blends seamlessly with the musky vanilla tones

.Signature collection: Twilight woods fine fragrance mist


The twilight woods has been our favorite scent since forever! This lavish mist makes you fall in love with it instantly. The scent is a combination of vanilla sugar with warm woody notes captured in a bottle. If you are a fan of strong yet feminine scents, this one’s for you!


Stay beautiful! x

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