Trend of the moment: Track pants

track pants trend

Do you remember when we wore track pants over gym shorts or probably just for a game of squash? We bet you do, we’ve all been there. But this was long before the athleisure trend came back in a big way last year. Sweatshirts, track pants, sneakers have been ruling the runway for the past few seasons. We love how these 80’s trends have made their way into our everyday wardrobes.

Because as much as we love playing dress up, at the end of the day what we really love more than anything is our chill clothes. And what says chill clothes more than track pants? As bizarre as this may sound at first, your tracks can now be worn even in an office environment with a little bit of skill.

Who doesn’t love fashion when it comes with comfort? It’s been soothing to the eyes to see women rock their ‘gym pants’ with undone blouses and high heels. That’s right; track pants are just as versatile as your favorite pair of jeans.

Browsing through online shopping portals, I knew this particular pair had to be mine when I saw it. I loved the movement, the side slit (I might have cut through the slit a little more) and the side-stripes was just right. And ever since I’ve got my hands on these, I don’t reach out for anything else! They’re just so comfortable and styling them is super easy cause they go with just about anything! I’ve worn this with casual t-shirts, mesh tops and even striped tops with oversized sleeves. This has 100% replaced my favorite pair of jeans.

For the top here, I decided to go for a corset but I added this polo neck full sleeves, micro crop top. Special shout out to this micro crop top, which I think is definitely going to be huge as a trend sooner or later.

track pants trend

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