Work attire: Pastel blues and whites

All white look


Hi guys, hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend. We love long weekends like these to relax, unwind and just be! How I wish weekends were always 3 days instead of 2. We were MIA from Instagram and all social media platforms as well during this time as it’s always great to switch off ourselves from continuously working, posting and updating. Not like we’re complaining, but life of a blogger is a full time job and you definitely crave that “Me- time” sometimes. So this weekend was all about of that. It’s amazing how time taken off helps you figure out what inspires you, what curates your dreams, your beliefs, your clarity. When you step out of this zone, you are refreshed with new ideas and beautiful outlook to life. Highly suggest everyone to do this every once in a while. It’s redeeming!

Coming on to the look we would like to share with you guys today. Its one of those looks I wanted to put together which is an ideal being dressy but not too dressy. Looking sharp but not going over the top looks. We decided to create this beautiful formal yet spirited attire with pastels and whites. I love formal wear and office looks can be tricky sometimes. Whites and baby blue pastels have to be one of my favorite all time combinations. Summer is in full swing, and a color combination I’ve been catching myself wearing a lot of is blue and white. This color duo is perfect for the stylish days of summer!

For this look, the focus of the look was the soft blue pastel long blazer. I loved pieces like these. They are so versatile and can make your outfit standout. I paired this blazer up with all white tank top and knee-slit white skinny denim. I wanted everything else to be very muted and let my blazer be the hero.

To keep the white theme going, I paired this whole look with my white mules. I love how everything white just made the blue stand out even more.

Blue blazer look

Work look

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Formal wear

Office attire

Formal look

Long blazers

All white look

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