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We hope you are having a great time enjoying the ‘monsoon’ season ( I think we can officially call it that now). I know off late everyone’s been kinda complaining about the weather in Dubai since it’s bought down a standstill to lots of our day to day activities and I would just like to put this out there, complaining isn’t going to help so why not just lay back and enjoy the weather while it lasts 😀 Getting back to the blog post, so we do feel a bit off the dinning and eating scene lately since we have been too occupied with the fashion and beauty aspects of the blog. Also, we are quite picky with our selection of items being listed on the website since we don’t want to share something we dint quite enjoy eating as much. The things that do make to the website, just know they have got to be fab and worth a try! 

Sushi has to be one of the best things on earth and our biggest weakness! That been said, we’ve tried a whole lot of sushi in Dubai and we would like to label ourselves as quite the sushi experts. We are huge fans and are on a look out for where we can find some of the best sushi in town and one of our recent finds is Vii Dubai. They have recently launched their ‘Vii Love Sushi’ nights where guests can share and enjoy Vii signature, classic and fusion sushi in a sharing platter accompanied by a live band. We were invited to try this out and how could we have not said no to this.

Vii Dubai, the city’s favourite terrace bar and lounge is located in the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road. Tucked away on the seventh floor of the hotel, Vii Dubai is where the urban sky meets an unspoilt lush garden. As you enter, the journey to discovering this hidden gem starts through a spectacular lounge and an artfully crafted tunnel walk which eventually unveils what can only be described as a plush garden filled with all things green and radiant. Absolutely love everything green! It just makes you so happy and at peace. This place is gorgeous! One of our top favourite terrace bars in Dubai.

Vii’s most popular selection of sushi, sashimi and nigiri favourites have been included in the Sushi platter and you can also enjoy specialities like the fiery Volcano maki roll, unique Vii Special deep fried sushi and unagi nigiri. Boasting a selection of the finest and freshest seafood, ‘Vii Love Sushi’ Monday’s is a chance to indulge the taste buds while dining under the stars and being serenaded by some of Dubai’s most popular musicians. Nestled amongst cascading foliage and visually striking greenery, Vii Dubai is driven by a passion for quality food and exceptional service. Do not miss out on their fried Sushi, its to die for! 

The ambience, the food and the quality was spectacular! We highly recommend you to try these out whenever you get the chance to. 

Garden interiors


Best sushi in Dubai

Fried sushi




‘Vii Love Sushi’ happen every Monday from 8 – 11 pm, accompanied by a live band at the Conrad Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road. The Vii terrace is open daily from 8.00 pm till 3:00 am. For additional information please visit:



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