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Hi guys, hope everyone is having a pleasant summer full of joy and adventure. This summer I wanted to share with you guys how I spent a part of my summer learning a new hobby, which I enjoy thoroughly but never, really got a chance to build up on or do something about it.


We all have that hobby we are certainly really good at or enjoy it a lot but never really give it time or do something about it. For me personally painting was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing as a kid, once I started growing up I lost the touch and never really did anything about it later.


This summer, I decided I had to do something about it. I wanted to start doing it, but I hardly had any knowledge as to how to go about it. Finally, I stumbled upon We Love Art community in Dubai, which is lead by Denise Schmitz a very talented artist.


I have been getting so many questions regarding this on our snapchat, since I was sharing a lot of snippets from the workshop. Hence I wanted to compile a blogpost stating all the details for you guys. Basically, this is a beginner course to painting. Its once a week on a Saturday, which is amazing as you can do it whilst your working. The short course is a 7-week workshop where you start learning the basics to develop your artistic skill and build a foundation in painting techniques and principles. The best part of this course was creating your masterpiece by the end of the 7th week and displaying it at a real art exhibition with your friends and family in attendance!



To sum it all up, I had a wonderful experience painting my way through the 7th week and I was beyond happy with my masterpiece, which was only possible through the techniques I learnt during my workshop and my instructor Denise who always made sure I stayed on the right track.



I wanted to share this experience on the blog because it was a life changing one for me. I discovered so much about myself, so much I dint know I could do. Highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to try their hand in painting or who would like to explore a different world of colors all together.


Leaving you below with some fun images from the exhibition night and of course my masterpiece.





Find our more about the workshop at www.weloveart.com or contact Denise at +971 56 769 1995