Summer favourite: Shirtdress

Striped shirt dresses

So it’s started to get a tad warmer down here in Dubai and as much as we dread the summers out here, it’s coming for us!! While we’re in no rush for THAT time of the year, can we discuss how perfect the weather has been by the beach? Nothing gets us feeling more tropical and rejuvenated like the waves of the ocean and just spending a day by the beach from noon to dusk. Perfect beach weather calls for perfect beach dresses and lately I’ve been oh-so-obsessed with SHIRT DRESSES.

A Shirt dress is basically your lazy girl alternative for looking put together effortlessly. Precisely, it’s just a longer version of a shirt, button-down usually, slightly oversized, long, that looks like a shirt but acts like a dress. This menswear inspired look, is my perfect idea of comfort fashion. Why should men have all the fun?

I love how you can make these dresses work for just about any occasion. It works just as fine dressed down during the day with a pair of thong sandals or espadrilles for the beach or just a day at the mall. You could also easily amp it up for the night clinching it at the waist with a belt, adding a pair of pumps and statement accessories. It’s super versatile and fun!

For this look, I decided to go for a striped shirtdress. I fell in love with this dress mainly because it wasn’t the conventional blue-black or white-black stripes. Quick tip here always go for vertically striped dresses as opposed to horizontal ones as the later makes your look slimmer and taller. So I obviously went for this gorgeous brown-white (and vertically striped) shirtdress that makes for one of the most comfortable statement piece in my wardrobe. Also, I absolutely adore the little embellished detailing it has on the front pocket. It’s super cute! 


Beach wear


Beach waves


Shirt dress


Spring fashion


Striped shirt dresses


Brown white stripes



–Outfit details–

Dress: LC wakaki
Bag: Mohito
Shoes: ain’t got no time for ‘em shoes cause there’s absolutely no better feeling in the world than walking barefoot at the beach.


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