Product review: Sephora cream lip stains

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When it comes to lip wear, we’re obsessed with matte lipsticks! We love how matte lipsticks/stains leave our daily makeup looking effortless and casual compared to glazed, glossy lips. However, the major problem with matte lipsticks is that they dry out your lips giving you really dry-lips-chapped-look, which is definitely not pleasing.


Today we will be sharing with you guys our Holy grail product of all times, the Sephora cream stain. This product has literally been one of the best lip stains/ liquid lipsticks we have tried so far. These lip stains provide high coverage whilst being super lightweight in texture and are super hydrating. Jackpot!


What we love about them is they contain Vitamin E and avocado oil, which essentially helps in preventing your lips from drying out. We do suggest exfoliating your lips and applying a good lip balm before using them as they help smoothen the texture of your lips which will in turn help in better application of the product.


The application is easy and precise because it uses a sponge wand that ensures no feathering around the edges. The formula is creamy and goes on very easily but in a matter of seconds dries to a beautiful velvety matte color. Not just that, the product smells divine! This is so rare, as most liquid lipsticks tend to have a very unpleasant odor.


Our personal favorites from their collection include 02- Classic beige, 04- Endless purple and 06- Forever fuchsia. All in all, hands down at this price this range provides the best formula, beautiful pigments and the best butterscotch scent ever!



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