Power prints

Cheetah mules

I have been really into mixing and matching power prints lately, I mean there is just something insanely enduring about how two clashing prints can come together and create such a powerful look. One such look is this right here. I have paired up this gorgeous luxe velvet dark floral cardigan with cheetah mules. 

Absolutely love how these prints just go together so well. There are a number of textures in this particular look like the top is a rich olive lace silk goes perfect with the hues of the cardigan, the cardigan is a deep green velvet with dark florals, the jeans is denim with dangling diamonds and the mules are faux fur in cheetah. 

I love how this particular theme makes me feel like its a jungle on its own, the dark green hues in the cardigan almost give you a feel of the wild forests and the cheetah mules, well they literally complete the look. 

My tip would be to always play with different prints and you can find your personality to be echoed in the final outcome. xx

Mix and match fashion

Beautiful prints

Cheetah mules

Outfit details:

Top: HnM
Denims: Zara
Cardigan: Elabelz
Mules: Steve Madden 

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