Mac Oh, Sweetie collection review

Mac is one of the brands that always comes out with some of the most innovative and quirky collection drops but this collection from Mac will have you feeling particularly sweet.  A super cute liquid lip collection from the brand that you’ll absolutely adore specially if you have a bit of a sweet tooth! The ‘Oh, sweetie’ collection is curated in collaboration with German beauty maven Caro Daur who’s favorites from the collection include Death by Chocolate and Panna Cotta. 

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Ombre hair transformation – VK beauty lounge

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. For us summers means an escape from Dubai. Since the temperatures here are crazy during this time of the month. We usually tend to plan our escape to cooler regions. Well, summers in Europe are interestingly what winters in Dubai look like. Before we begin our travels we love to change it up a bit with our hair color. Always love experimenting and going lighter during the summer. This time around I decided to color my hair a few shades lighter. I have always been obsessed with Ombre and that seamless flow of colors. It was time I give it a go.

What is ombre hair? 

The hair world borrowed the term ‘ombre‘ from the French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.  Read More

Rose gold details

A Rosegold Affair

Rose gold happens to be my favorite color and creating this entire look using the same color palette gave me so much satisfaction. Rose gold, a pink-toned gold that has quickly been dethroning other metallic hues is an established trend by itself.  Even though we are creating this look using the same colors, the textures just make the look more very distinctive.

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Becca 3 steps to flawless under eye

3 steps to flawless under-eye with Becca Cosmetics

 Becca has got to be one of our favorite beauty brands and why wouldn’t it be? Their best-selling highlighters are truly a beauty staple in our vanity and stand undefeated!

We were thrilled when BECCA launched their 3 step under-eye range. There are three new products, each with a different function and step. They’re basically looking to create an all-inclusive new under-eye routine that would create an amazing new way to illuminate and cover dark circles.

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Street runway

Relaxed Luxe Burgundy Velvet Robe Set

Velvet has to be my favorite fabric of all the fabrics out there. I am obsessed with the different versions of these available ATM. Crushed velvet to be precise has to be my favorite. However, I tend to stick to my deeper tones as opposed to the bright tones on the runway currently making its way. Read More