New find: Baker’s Kitchen in Barsha Heights

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You know how they say the way to anyone’s heart is through food but we believe this holds true only when someone puts their heart and soul into what they cook and that’s exactly how we felt being served by Chef Sven and Heike at Baker’s Kitchen. A newly opened restaurant, located amidst the hustle and bustle of Barsha Heights welcomes customers to experience food that is healthy, nutritious and most importantly, utterly delicious!

Baker’s Kitchen is a brainchild of the incredible duo Chef Sven and Heike who are based out of Germany. The talented duo offers modern, healthy food that is created as a fusion of interesting ingredients and new flavors. They are obsessed with healthy nutritional food and they publish this information in their meticulously designed newspaper style menu highlighting a complete breakdown of the nutritional value of each dish and its benefits to your health like none other.

Dishes we tried:
For starters we were welcomed with the refreshing Samova Ice tea, for everyone who does not know Samova Ice tea it is a on the rocks tea maker in which you can make delicious ice tea without first having to cool down the hot tea for a long time. Loved the fruity flavors infused in the tea! And we think it’s a brilliant concept.

Baker’s kitchen boasts a huge selection of healthy juices and milkshakes and we couldn’t miss out on trying these. We decided to give the peanut butter banana shake a try and also tried the green Chlorophyll cleanser, which was a blend of chlorophyll, kiwi, green apple, stevia and wheat grass. Both the milkshake and green juice was super filling and infused with bags and bags of health benefits. WE LOVE!

Moving on to Salads. We love Salads and absolutely couldn’t wait to try the salads baker’s kitchen was to offer. Our first salad was the Grilled Veggie Feta cheese salad. This salad was a beautiful mixture of greens, veggies grilled to perfection and a flavorsome feta cheese topping. The salad had perfect burnt flavors from those vegetables, which were just about right.

The next salad we were excited to try was the Mango Tango salad. Doesn’t the name just make you want to try this right away? Love anything with Mangoes TBH. The salad consisted of rocket leaves, greens, roasted seeds and mangoes. It’s a beautiful burst of flavors in your mouth, dint miss to impress us again!

Next we decided to try out the interesting Yin and Yang soup. We were insisted to try this soup, as this is one of their specialties and glad we decided to  try this out! We were intrigued by the name as ‘Yin and yang’ interestingly describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. I can’t think of a better name to describe this soup which was a flavorful yet unusual blend of ‘Yin’ Pumpkin and ‘Yang’ apple. These two interesting ingredients put together to create one of the most mouth-watering soups we’ve ever tried!

On a closer look one wouldn’t fail to recognize that the menu offers its diners the halal versions of traditional German food as a fusion with International, Asian and Arabic cuisines. Moving on to our main course. One of such fusions that we couldn’t get enough of has got to be what is termed as ‘FUSHI’ as a part of their extensive menu. Chef Heike who is renown to be Europe’s first sushi master is the mastermind behind the fusion sushi at Baker’s Kitchen. We absolutely couldn’t get enough of the Baker’s kitchen Special ‘fushi’ that is a seafood sushi complete with chilli mayonnaise, spring onion and tobiko. This has got to be one of the finest sushi we’ve ever tried! And if you keep up with us on our social media platforms you know how often we’ve been visiting Baker’s Kitchen just for their sushi.

We also happened to try out their rainbow sky (Vegetarian sushi option) and some of their tuna hand rolls. The rainbow sky was a refreshing blend of avocado, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, apple and lettuce. Even though we don’t usually opt for veg sushi, we loved this one!

On the other hand, we dint quite enjoy their Tuna hand rolls. But this could be a case of personal preference since we’ve never really liked hand rolls and stand by that.

Bakers Kitchen is a spot where customers can walk in for exceptional breads, cakes and coffee. But along with that gourmet food lovers can experience the chef’s fusions of German traditional cooking. We love how all their dishes are very light, distinctive, healthy and at the same time so damn delicious!

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