How much denim is too much denim ?

denim choker

Hi guys, don’t we all just love how denim has taken over the fashion world by the storm. It has sure made its way from being synonymously associated with casual to making major style statements.I love how Denim is not just restricted to jackets or pants these days. It’s everywhere! There’s denim dresses, denim skirts, denim bags, denim boots and hell yeah there’s even denim chokers! and why not?  Please make everything possible out of this beautiful fabric that brings out the best of any outfit. We know denim is a timeless classic but how you wear it is questionable and can get a little tricky since the ‘rules’ keep evolving. What may have been a denim disaster earlier could be your can’t-do-without trend today. Truth be told, denim is SO versatile, you could be wearing a casual white tee with denim jeans, running your errands and take two you’ve gotta run out the door for a girl’s night you could just throw on a blazer and a pair of heels and you’ve got yourself a look!

I wouldn’t call these ‘rules’ cause if everyone followed rules there would be no trends whatsoever. However, here are a few ways to up your denim game:

Say yes to Denim-on-Denim:
Going by the rules, ‘DENIM ON DENIM’ should be avoided. I believe, this is more of a fashion risk than a fashion disaster. If this goes wrong, it goes VERY wrong. The key to wearing denim on denim is either making sure it’s the exact match or if there’s an evident contrast between your top and bottom. For instance, I love pairing up a light denim shirt with an almost black/blue denim bottom, bringing out the very obvious contrast. It’s daring, but fun! It’s a big no no if your denim top and bottoms vary by just two or three shades. You’ve got to create a very obvious contrast. Another tip here is to go for darker denim on the bottom since it would make your body look more proportionate and curvy.|

Try out white denims RIGHT NOW!!
Honestly, white denim jeans are so beautiful if you find the right pair to work with. The problem with white denim jeans is the fit. If it’s too baggy, you’ll appear to be more sloppy and if it’s too tight, well you’re gonna appear to be a bit on display. Once you’ve found a pair that fits you perfectly, it’s gonna be super easy to make it work. White jeans or even light blue jeans bring out any color more beautifully since it brings a very dynamic contrast. You could even wear white pants on a white tee and throw on a blue denim jacket (Incase you’re wondering, there’s no such thing as too much denim)

Patch-up ?
You’re really doing it all wrong, if you’ve never customized your denim with patches. Patches, badges and cartoon motifs are no longer reserved just for children’s denim. You too are allowed to have fun and customize to the max – the more DIY the better. I love adding patches to my denim jacket they can really breathe new life into an old, worn jacket or even make a fashion statement on a new one.


Getting to this look.. I can’t tell you guys how utterly obsessed I am with this oversized denim jacket I found at Ardene. I could literally throw it on with my pajamas and still feel great about the way I look. But for this particular day, I had to up the glam quotient a little, so I paired this jacket up with this stunning rose gold-wired top. I love how the jacket and top work together in bringing the perfect balance to this outfit. Oh and just incase you thought I was done adding denim, I so wasn’t. I added a denim choker as well and this perfectly matches my jacket. I could easily take this look from day to night and I really see it working for almost any occasion. 

Work that denim, girls! 

denim choker

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denim choker

rose gold top


white denims

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denim trend


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