Mike & Jack review: Hair transformation

Beautiful silky hair


Hi guys! We are back with yet another hair transformation experience and this time it’s with one of the most coveted beauty salon’s in Dubai namely Mike and Jack. If you haven’t already heard about them, they are located in Emirates Financial Towers Mike & Jack is well known for its expertise in hair, specifically focusing on color and styling. The duo behind the brand are two brothers who started their careers in their native Jordan before coming to Dubai. Having been established since 2016 and building a steady reputation amongst Dubai and the greater GCC’s elite and celebrity clientele.

Best hair salon is Dubai


When they invited us for a hair consultation session we were super excited! As they are well known for beautiful hair transformations. We couldn’t wait to find out what they had in store for us. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first, but why not! Hair coloring is always fun and refreshes your look whether you’re looking for a completely new look or just want to breathe in that fresh life of color into your current hair color.


So my previous hair color was starting to wear off and I was already looking for hair colorists to change up my color. My previous hair color was that of a brown base with golden highlights. You can see the color and the whole transformation process here. I really wanted to change things up a bit, as this was my staple hair color, browns with a bit of gold. I did not want something drastic and this is what I explained my hair colourist Joe who is a Senior hairstylist at Mike and Jack.


At first, I showed him a few examples of the kind of hair color I wanted this is the best way to show your hair colorist what you exactly want rather than explaining them. Joe understood what I wanted and we quickly started with the coloring process. This took us a good 2 hours to apply and keep the color and another 1 hour to blow dry and set the hair. The results of the hair color at this point were drastic! I turned from a brown golden hair color to ash blonde balayge hair. Below  you can see the transformation images of me before the hair colour to me after the hair colour and it certainly wasn’t even close to being in the same family as my previous hair colour. 

Before and After Hair


As this was really drastic for me to take, we decided to tone my hair down quite a bit on a session later next day. The results were much better and the color was definitely not drastic! It was subtle, in the same family at the same time very different from what I had walked in with! Here are the images of the hair colour after we toned it down quite a bit.

Beautiful silky hair

Golden hair


All in all, it was a great experience. I only wished the hair colourist took time to understand exactly what I wanted the first time around and communicated better with me in order to get to know my preference. None the less, I really liked the fact they were kind enough to make sure I left happy with my color and made sure my hair colour was done according to my preference. End results were beautiful! and ever since I got my hair done I’ve been receiving numerous compliments. I would highly recommend trying them out if you’re looking to entirely change your look and add serious drama to your hair.

Mike and Jack are located in the Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC. For bookings contact +97143381111