5 Reasons why Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is worth all the hype

laura mercier translucent setting powder

Hi guys, today we would be reviewing a product that is synonymous with flawless skin, its the Laura mercer translucent setting powder. After all the hype around this product, we literally had no choice but to get our hands on it. This product enjoys quite the monopoly in the beauty industry specially when celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus can’t stop recommending it.It’s everyone’s holy grail and probably the secret product of varies celebrities who con people into believing flawless skin comes naturally to them.


Laura mercier

So is it worth the hype ? Is it worth shedding 38$ for ? Yes and hell yes!! This stuff is incredible! On the beauty grapevine this product has proven to be everyone’s holy grail and we’ll tell you why.


  • Flash test: The best of powders in the industry end up failing the flash test, but this one aces it with flying colors. This magic pot contains French cashmere talc at it’s finest, to give your skin a finish so natural even the most HD cameras won’t detect. This means fabulous photos for days!


  • Light-weight formula: The product claims to be mild in to a fine Cashmere finish and rightly so, when dusted on your skin it results in the most smooth, silky, sheer skin-like finish. The product goes on evenly, blends effortlessly, and provides great wear making your makeup last longer. Moreover it sets makeup without adding that extra weight or texture.


  • Blurs imperfections: Oh yes! This is not a myth. The product, combined with exclusive light-reflecting ingredients leaves you with a delicate Photoshop-like soft focus to any fine lines or imperfections. The one-off formula beautifully blurs all imperfections and does not settle into fine lines.


  • Dewy or matte? The powder can be use for whichever look you’re planning to go for whether it’s dewy or matte. The finish of the powder is so skin-like and natural that it does not alter the glow of a dewy look nor does it make a matte look more matte. It really brings out the best of your makeup masterpiece without altering the finish. This product is what powder dreams are made of! It really doesn’t get better than this!


  • Universal: Not only is the powder versatile in terms of usage, It’s also universal since it’s translucent and can be used for all skin types. Despite it been suitable for fair as well as relatively tanner tones, Laura mercier has come out with a deeper version of the translucent powder. As if it couldn’t get any better. The all new shade Translucent Medium Deep works best on medium deep to the very deepest skin tones, so every skin can enjoy a perfectly flawless, translucent finish.


Translucent setting powder

I absolutely love that the powder never dominates the face making it looking the least bit cakey. In fact, it flawlessly compliments the skin making everything fall in place like a missing piece of a puzzle.


I’ve been using this product for over two weeks now and I’m SO impressed with the way it has made its way into my everyday makeup routine in the shortest span of time. It’s become one of those products I just can’t seem to do without and recommend it over and over again.