Hydrating facial review at Queen’s Beauty Lounge

French skincare brand

Facials are so much more than another form of indulgent pampering. They have numerous benefits to the wellness of your skin, in the short and long term. Just like you make regular visits to the dentist, hair salon or your gym. You’ll realize you really should be dedicating some of that time on your skin—especially when seasons change, that’s when your skin is at its most vulnerable stage and needs that extra care. We recently visited Queen’s beauty lounge to try out the facials they had to offer and we were amazed.

They have a selection of facials available, from which we decided to go for the hydrating facial. Under the hydrating facials category they had facials using two brands. The first one was Shirley Conlon cosmetics and the other was Yon ka.

This was the first time we tried out the locally produced Shirley Conlon cosmetics which is an all organic. We’re always intrigued by the use of sustainable organic ingredients, natural lipids, vitamins and botanical extracts help to repair sun-exposed skin.

Naiyntara’s experience with Shirley Conlon Organics

Let me share with you a little something about Shirley Conlon Organics. They are not just about beauty products, but a therapy, a way of life, and a better choice for your body, your health and your environment. Aiming to create beautiful organic skincare products suitable for hot climates (specially curated for the hot climate in Dubai) Sustainable organic ingredients, natural lipids, vitamins and botanical extract help to repair sun exposed skin. This is specially amazing as we do suffer from pigmentation in certain areas around our face like the forehead and the areas around the mouth.

The Shirley Conlon Organics Spa Experience focuses on luxurious organic ingredients and techniques that are focused on reducing the appearance of ageing, acne and pigmentation. Enhancing healthy, youthful and radiant skin. Let us see how this treatment stays true to its words.

I first had a one on one consultation with her where she examined my skin and asked my what my problem areas were. My main concerns were dry skin due to the cold weather, dark circles as well as uneven skin tone. She briefed me through the range of products and why she’s using each of those and we started off with what I thought was one of best facials I’ve ever had. The facial lasted for about 45 mins, It was not too invasive. She did extract a couple of my non-active acne but did not even go close to the active ones, she explained to me that this may result in the condition getting worse. The steps included, cleansing my skin first and then exfoliating it with a gentle scrub, followed by a steam and a clean up, applying rosehip oil (helps a lot with acne and fine lines) and finally a facemask. But the products used as a part of this treatment were truly revolutionary. You know when you go in for a facial you always hope to come out transformed, well that’s what happened with my skin. It had the most radiant glow, my blackheads were gone and the best part was that my skin wasn’t irritated or red post the facial. I would definitely recommend this even if you have sensitive skin or if you feel like your skin is getting dull and clogged. I’m definitely going back for this again! Facials, done right, give your skin immediate results. And this was just that! (Don’t believe me? see my post facial glow down below)

Indulge yourself with the Shirley Conlon Organics Spa Experience and you can thank me later J Ask for Daisy. She is a breeze to be around with. Very friendly, informative and gentle on your skin.  

glowing skin

Vineesha’s experience with YON-KA

French skincare brand

Yon Ka is a French skincare product; its all natural plant extracts to produce an all-natural skincare solution. Let me tell you what intrigued me to go for this specific facial. It was the Hydra cool technology that made me really go for this. You may ask what does Hydra cool mean? Hydracool really is a process that uses the power of water to rejuvenate, oxygenate and restore essentials vitamins, coupled with natural and chemical free products – the facial is the ultimate in hydration and skin rejuvenation and ensures the infusion of the natural products deep into the skin layers, regenerating and revitalizing the skin’s natural elasticity.

I did my skin consultation after I entered the salon. Soon the facial room was ready for me and I was recommended the hydracool facial. So the expert saw my skin and recommended this, I dint see her going through my skin consultation sheet I was told to fill in though. Anyhow we started with the facial, I had a few acne marks on my face, which weren’t so active, but I definitely did caution her to go easy. After all your acne has a mood of their own, they can get quite furious if you touch them. Usually don’t prefer facials when I have any sort of breakout.

Moving on, she started off by cleansing my face remove any makeup if I had already. Started of with a gentle moisturizer on my skin and then moved to an exfoliating sort of citrus serum. The exfoliation did not feel like a usual exfoliation cream/scrub you would use normally. It was a smooth serum like texture, which was pretty impressive! It was gentle on the skin in contrary to your usual scrubs. Then we moved on to another hydrating serum on the skin, which was then infused, into the skin using the hydracool machine- infused my skin with oxygen. This definitely was very cool and refreshing on the skin, almost like a breeze of iced cold wind concentrated on your skin, on your problematic areas.

Lastly, the facial came to the stages of lifting and contouring where your contours are lifted your under eye areas are deeply moisturized making sure all the products sink deep into the hollow of your eyes using the hydracool machine.

Really happy with the results post my facial. Skin looks beautiful, lifted, radiant and glowy. My only con here was I wish the therapist was more involved in telling me more about the steps here. I am someone who is very inquisitive about what goes into my skin and definitely like when I am being informed about it prior to application. In this case I was the one constantly asking her about the products she was using. It is a must for a therapist to not only do a good job but also tell their story to their customer and educate them about the line of products they are going to use, about the tools they are using to make those products go deep into your skin which in turn gets them more excited to see the benefits of those products. This was somewhat missing from this particular facial, nevertheless cannot complain about the results!

Offer for steals!

Queens beauty lounge is currently hosting a ”bring a friend”to experience the super-hydrating Yon-ka Hydracoolfacials,where one facial can be experienced for free, and two facials will be offered for the price of one, at AED490/- this winter. The offer will run from the 1st of December to 31st of March 2018. Make use of this offer while it lasts ladies! Take your mom for a pampering session, take your friends and go get glowing J Definitely a must to experience this!

The “Yon-ka Hydracool”facials and the Shirley Conlon Organics Face Treatments are available at Queens Beauty Lounge located in Trident Marina-scape, Marina Boulevard Walk, Marina. The operating hours are from 10am to 8:30pm and for reservations please call: 04-4279689. 

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