City lights and Patent love

Patent vinyl fabric

An avant grande trend that has been big on the runways and amongst celebrities and influencers right now is Vinyl fabrics and patent leather. Adding a patent jacket, trousers or even something as subtle as patent boots can instantly take any look from ordinary to high fashion with the addition of just one piece.  

We street-style lovers have already embraced these high-shine pieces for obvious reasons: It’s one of the easiest ways to make a powerful statement.  However, this trend can get a little tricky. To make this trend work for you, make sure you keep it as simple as possible and don’t wear anything too crazy underneath.

Another patent rule is say NO to Patent on Patent:- While wearing patent, less is definitely more.. Remember, you are only a piece away from making your outfit look like a Halloween costume. You may have a lot of Vinyl/Patent statement makers but you can only wear one patent piece per outfit.

For this look, I picked this bold, buttoned down Vinyl Jacket from ISAWITFIRST. Believe me when I say this, these are SO easy to style! I simply threw on my vintage mom jeans and added white lace up shoes as a bit of a contrast to this look.

Personally, I feel red lips compliment patent leather THE best! I just can’t get enough of how perfectly the red lips binds this otherwise monochromatic look.

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