Benefit cosmetics review

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Hi guys today we will be reviewing one of our most favorite beauty lines – Benefit cosmetics. First things first, if there’s one brand that takes the title for the best packaging it’s got to be Benefit!! They always come through with the most gorgeous and adorable packaging. Besides the packaging some of Benefit’s products time and again have proven to be irreplaceable and constantly are being recommended by the best of makeup gurus. Today we will be reviewing some of the benefit products that we have been using religiously as a part of our daily makeup routine and SWEAR by the!m


Total moisture facial cream


The total moisturizing cream has a pleasant scent, which reminds me of cucumbers, and it’s instantly gives you a fresh and clean feel when applied. The cream claims to provide ‘total moisture’ and gives concentrated and immediate hydration and the product does exactly what it promises. I don’t use this product on a daily basis since the product is quite concentrated. But if you have dry skin you can use it as a part of your daily skin routine. I usually tend to use it when my skin feels dehydrated and is in a dire need of that extra boost of moisture as a night cream and I wake up with the most softest and radiant looking skin with a healthy glow. Who doesn’t love a great natural glow? I’ve noticed that although it may be a little on the pricier side for a moisturizer but just a little amount of this product goes a long way. This moisturizer is definitely a winner and I cannot recommend this enough!


The POREfessional balm


This is one of the their best-selling products and when I tried it out I knew exactly why. The product, at first, looks tinted but on blending you will see that it’s translucent and mattifies as it sets in. The product has a lovely floral scent that does not linger. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of pores or fine lines to comment on how well the product reduces the appearance of those but I do get pimples, which leave stubborn scars and a fairly bumpy skin. On application I noticed how the cream banished tiny bumps within seconds and completely evens out my complexion and any redness. It’s perfect for those no-make up days. The product claims that it can be applied both beneath and over makeup. Although, it gives the makeup a beautiful canvas to work it’s magic on, it should not be mistaken for a primer since it does not really make it last longer and hence it can be reapplied over makeup when it starts wearing off.


‘That gal’ primer


This product has light consistency, which claims to prime, brighten and smoothen your skin-tone. I did notice a visible difference in my skin tone on application. I loved how it brightened my skintone with subtle pink undertones and gives a beautiful glow to your skin. Personally, I love how it works for me on my good skin days without all the makeup paired with porefessional balm. Although, I would like to add that given that it’s supposed to be a primer it fails to deliver as one when applied beneath makeup it does not hold too well.


Bene-tint lip and cheek stain


As you can tell we are huge fans of products that are light-weight and basically add to our no-makeup makeup collection and this one is just perfect to give your cheeks that rush of color and your lips the subtle rosy redness. I absolutely loved how beautifully it blended with my skin as a blush-on. I really spoilt myself with this blush since I started finding powder blushes too cakey after trying this one out. While I love this product as a lip tint I wished it lasted longer and I din’t have to retouch it.


Dandelion brightening face powder


Without a doubt Benefit’s blush and bronzer range is the best in the market. I picked out this powder because I really have a weakness for pale-pink blush powders. They are the ones that end up giving the best finish to your overall look without looking too pink and patchy. The downside of this however is that it does not quiet show up as easily; the product needs to be built up with a dense brush. Personally, I brush this to set my foundation and I concentrate more product on the apples of my cheek for that perfect rosy hue on my cheeks. I absolutely love how the product applies and stays put throughout the day.



Watt’s up highlighter


Last but definitely not the least is the benefit watts up highlighter, which I just can’t get enough of. If there was a choice and I had to choose one makeup item for the rest of my life it’s got to be this one! I’ve tried tones of highlighters but no highlighter comes to being as good as this one. The highlight is the most perfect warm, champagne, golden color that works well with almost every skin tone.


I personally detest highlighters that come across as super glittery and too obvious. A highlighter for me should give the most beautiful vibrant glow and emphasize on those cheekbones in the subtlest manner. What I love about this product is how versatile it is. I could wear it when I’m wearing no makeup for a healthy sheen as well as when I have a full face of makeup on in a stronger amount. You can also layer it with a powder highlighter for that added drama. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend layering, as the staying power is amazing as it keeps its cream like texture and really sticks onto your skin and stays so glowy and vibrant all day long.


If you don’t already own this, you are really missing out! Oh and did I mention that once you buy this you might never actually run out of it?