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Being born and raised in Dubai our roots are very much grounded to our Indian heritage and if you have us talking about Indian fashion, we’d never stop! Whenever we go back to India we can’t stop visiting the local markets there and just gaze at Indian craftsmanship at its finest. Not to brag about it or anything but the handwork and detailing put into clothing produced back in India remains unmatched to anything we’ve ever seen and we sincerely doubt you’ll ever find anything that even comes close to the same in any part of the world. One such brand we recently can’t stop shopping from is AM:PM.

AM:PM, A label that has created quiet the niche amongst fashion enthusiasts by mixing Indian elements with a stern western influence hence giving this contemporary label a very global appeal. We love that the brand stands strong with it’s minimalistic approach and understated contemporary elegance.

What makes these outfits truly special is the passionate attention to detailing and elegant tailoring using pure and woven fabrics. This brand not only caters to the modern indian woman of today for whom comfort is a priority but also caters to her traditional virtues of modesty with soft grace, confident subtlety & inherited class.

Below you’ll find us adorning some of our favorite pieces from their collection:

Deepika outfit

Deepika padukone

Modern Indian outfit

Indian fashion

Bollywood fashion

All white indian outfit

Deepika padukone

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