Pajama Dressing in Longline Kimonos

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When we aim for an easygoing luxe look, pajama dressing has been pretty much a natural instinct. We simply can’t get enough of this trendAnd for a good reason. I mean who would say no to looking sexy, chic, and cozy all at the same time? One of our current favorite ways to wear this trend has got to be a hybrid between a dressy gown and robe- the Kimono.We’ve been spotting these in incredibly appealing tropical prints, floral blooms and even flamingo prints!  Now you may have jumped on to the movement but it’s completely normal to be weary about actually wearing it outside the house. To be honest, as stylish as this trend can prove to be, the last thing you want is to look like you have misguidedly left home in your loungewear robe.  Kimonos, in our opinion, should look like they were thrown on randomly and look effortless as a result of that as opposed to looking over thought and overly layered.

Other than that, the piece itself is a fashion favorite due to its multipurpose abilities. Other than wearing it over a tee and a pair of jeans during the day, you could pair it with sleek trousers and heels for evening like I did. Or you can even toss it over your swimsuit while at the beach—or simply rock it over a slinky slip dress for total boudoir vibes 😉

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