Pampering session with Shiseido x Paris Gallery

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Hi guys, hope you all have had a lovely summer break so far and as summer is almost coming to an end everyone’s getting back to business, feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Even though our break lasted a short period this time around, we feel fresher than ever and ready for the last quarter of the year!

We were recently invited to visit Shisedo’s skin specialists at the Dubai Mall for a skin consultation on the state-of-the-art HSS machine followed by a 45 minute facial treatment that was best suited for our skin type and needs as per the Shisedio treatment menu.

Shiseido booth

Paris gallery dubai mall Shiseido treatment

Upon arrival, we met with our therapist, Saori who was of Japanese origin and seemed extremely practiced and knowledgeable in her field with over 12 years of experience in skincare alone. We knew our skin was in the best hands when we started off with a one-on-one session where she asked us several questions regarding our lifestyle, skincare habits and our daily beauty and skincare regime. Our readings on the HSS machine were as follows:

Moisture: 46%
Melanin: 30%
Defense Power: 56%
Firmness: 51%

Conclusion: Keeping all other aspects aside, my skin’s main concern was dehydration. Souri suggested I go for the Future Solution- Global Anti-aging treatment since my defense power is slightly on the lower side and this would boost it. The treatment also helps restore and repair skin cells and visibly prolong skin’s beauty.

Moisture: 85%
Melanin: 60%
Defense Power: 85%
Firmness: 90%

Conclusion: My skin is what is considered as the ideal skin. The only concern with my skin is the Melanin build up which is on a high of 60%. Which, if not taken care of, can result in pigmentation showing up. For my skin type, the therapist suggested staying clear of any Anti-aging treatments since my defense power is at 85% and instead used the White Lucent’s superior mulit-action brightening skincare range that targets visible dark spots for a glowing, bright, luminous complexion.

Once we were told our readings we were then escorted to a calm room where our skin was treated with some of the best products from their line. Our skins felt so good after the facial and we were advised to use these products for a period of two weeks at least for the readings to change. Stay tuned for a full review of these products and our updated HSS readings.

Shiseido offers

You too stand a chance to try out these treatments offered by Sheisdo this month From September 1st to 9th. Shiseido is holding its grand podium at the Fashion catwalk. (Next to Zara). You could also try out these treatments in-stores as they will still be available at the Shiseido counter in-store at Paris Gallery. Customers will just have to visit to book an appointment J